East Crete property Management

At East Crete Property, consistency is one of our defining values. That is why our experienced associates take care of your property at all times.

In the case of purchasing the property and being away for a long period of time, this means that we may ongoing maintenance , security, and upkeep of your property. Our main roles are to manage routine tasks delegated to them by the owners and to preserve the value of the properties while generating income.This service includes both the interior - such as cleanliness, the proper operation of all appliances and facilities - and the exterior - such as the maintenance of the garden or pool.

We manage bookings and promote properties and relieve you of this process. Our first concern in preparing the property for rent is its maintenance such as painting, arranging for necessary repairs, and cleanliness. We can offer the transportation and reception of your guests.

In addition, we provide you with a bill and tax payment service as well as smart house controlling, which allows you to take care of some of the functions of your property yourself remotely. In a general context, the best service for your customers and by extension yours is our principal goal, which is why we are always in contact with you for its realisation.

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