East Crete property After Sales

Have you completed the purchase of your property and are worried about the next steps?

Our team of dedicated partners accompanies you in all the necessary procedures even after the sale. We are at your disposal for anything you ask for, from finding the property to preparing it for habitation as well.

More specifically, it is our responsibility to find lawyers, accountants and engineers to handle all legal matters related to the purchase or rental.

After all the legal procedures have been carried out, we make sure that the property is fit for habitation, having all the essentials, including electricity, water and internet. Both the interior and the exterior of your property are of particular importance, which is why we also take care of the cleaning and maintenance of pools and landscapes. We arrange talented professionals such as electricians, carpenters, gardeners, etc for their maintenance as well as for all repairs.

In order to do all these tasks while you are away, we we give access to your property to our trustfull partners and you don't have to worry about anything!

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